Euro 2024 Sweepstake


14 Jun 2024 - 14 Jul 2024


Up to you!


Euro 2024 Sweepstake

The Euro 2024 tournament is set to kick off on the 14 June. With the best teams from across Europe vying for glory, the excitement will be through the roof!

Will England finally manage to win the title and bring football home? Whether they do or don’t, YOU could be a champion by taking part in our Euro 2024 Sweepstake.

Here’s the game plan:

• Print out the attached downloadable form, cut out all the countries competing, and toss them into a hat or envelope
• Invite your friends, neighbours, family, colleagues to join the fun with a donation of at least £5.00 per entry
• Draw the team names and reveal the line up to your participants
• Keep track of who gets which team on the sweepstake sheet provided
• Sit back, relax, and root for your chosen team, even if they’re not your usual go to!
• When the final whistle of the tournament blows and the winning team is announced, the winner pockets 50% of the pot, while the other 50% is donated to Keech Hospice Care.

With 24 countries taking part, you could raise a minimum of £60 for Keech Hospice Care. Did you know, £60 could pay for two art therapy sessions to help a patient or loved one come to term with their feelings.

Ready to get involved? Click the links below to download our cut out sheet and sweepstake sheet.

Download the cut out sheet Download the sweepstake sheet


Good luck!