About us

We provide free, specialist care for adults in Luton and Bedfordshire, and children from Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and
Milton Keynes living with a life-limiting illness.

Our care supports adults and children to live pain and symptom free, to spend untroubled time with their family and friends, to understand what’s happening to them, to stay out of hospital and to make the most of the time they have.

We’re proud to be rated good for our care services by the Care Quality Commission.

You might be surprised to hear our care isn’t just provided at the hospice in Luton but in hospital, school, care or family home – wherever our support is needed the most.

How we're funded

It takes around £7million every year, that’s over £19, 000 every day, to provide our specialist care for adults, children, and their loved ones. As a charity, we rely on our supporters for around 70% of our funding.


Meet our patients

We ask our patients and their loved ones to share their story so you can really see what difference we can make here at Keech. Take a look and see if Keech could make a difference to you or someone you know.

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