Tier Three Courses

Keech Hospice Care Learning: Tier 3 Courses

Tier Three Advanced Courses

We recommend Tier 2 modules are completed ahead of starting our advanced training. This section is aimed specifically at health or social care professionals whose focus is in palliative and end-of-life care.

Virtual sessions

Some of our courses are virtual, so it’s important that you use an appropriate device with a working camera and microphone (tablet, laptop or PC, not a mobile phone) to ensure you get as much from the session as possible. Consider using a space with good lighting and ensure your camera is switched on.

Advanced communication skills

This course is for experienced health care professionals who have difficult conversations on a daily basis and have previously attended a level of communication training.

This includes nursing staff at band 6 or above, GP’s and other senior staff involved in breaking bad news with palliative patients.

This 2-day course will provide you with key communication strategies for managing difficult conversations you may experience in your role. This training gives you the opportunity to explore scenarios and learn different techniques and confidence to deal with patients and family/or members situations in the future.

Who can attend?

All experienced health care professionals who have difficult conversations as part of their everyday role and have had previous communication skills training.

For enquiries and to book onto the course, please contact: education@stfrancis.org.uk

Virtual Virtual session


£475 per delegate for the 2 day course.
(£500 per delegate from 1 June 2023).

Fees are required on application.

Previous delegates have been able to obtain funding from external organisations particularly those for hospice and community nursing settings. Please contact education@stfrancis.org.uk for more details.

Thursday 28 & Friday 29 September 2023
Tuesday 10 & Wednesday 11 October 2023
Wednesday 22 & Thursday 23 November 2023
Tuesday 5 & Wednesday 6 December 2023
Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 April 2024
Thursday 9 and Friday 10 May 2024
Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 June 2024
Tuesday 2 and Wednesday 3 July 2024
Thursday 15 and Friday 16 August 2024
Thursday 26 and Friday 27 September 2024
Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 October 2024
Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 November 2024
Tuesday 3 and Wednesday 4 December 2024

Transition to Autonomous Practice Course

FREE | Face-to-face

6 session programme funded by the BLMK and Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Boards and administered by Keech Hospice Care.

Session Content

The programme comprises of six sessions which must all be attended to receive certification. Participants will meet regularly with a specialist mentor, reflecting on practice and taking part in action learning sets. Each day of the course is themed around an aspect of your specialist role:

Day 1 – setting the scene and developing self

Day 2 – leadership and collaborative practice

Day 3 – developing self and others- through teaching and audit

Day 4 – improving quality and developing practice

Day 5 – developing self through self-management and self-care

Day 6 – developing self: theory to practice

Who should attend?

Nurse/AHPs transitioning from a generalist to a specialist/site specific role in palliative and end of life care, oncology and life limiting conditions.


9 February 2024 – 10am-4.30pm

8 March 2024 – 10am-4.30pm

12 April 2024 – 10am-4.30pm

10 May 2024 – 10am-4.30pm

14 June 2024 – 10am-4.30pm

12 July 2024 – 10am-4.30pm


Keech Hospice Care

Great Bramingham Lane Luton LU3 3NT



FREE | Virtual

KeepNet Research Project – ‘How can we improve access and uptake to palliative and end-of-life (EoL) care services to reduce inequalities among ethnic minority populations who reside in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and Milton Keynes?’ Sharing the Results and its impact for EoL across BLMK. (Funded by NIHR).

Guest speakers:
Elaine Tolliday, Clinical Director/Deputy CEO, Keech Hospice Care.
Gurch Randhawa, Director of the Institute for Health Research at the University of Bedfordshire.



A young person’s journey – Transition for young people with complex or life limiting conditions

Guest speakers:
Amanda Derbyshire, Transition Lead, Keech Hospice Care.
Clare Nicholson, Transition Lead, Keech Hospice Care.