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Welcome to Keech Hospice Care Learning

For professionals who need to deliver palliative and end of life care, Keech Hospice Care Learning are experts in sharing knowledge and best practice. As well as delivering engaging, practical courses, we collaborate with higher education partners to deliver research projects and inspiring placement opportunities. In this way, we are able to share developments at the cutting edge of care.​

We are the destination for education across BedfordshireLuton and Milton Keynes and provide a range of courses from introductory sessions, to palliative care masterclasses and full study days throughout the year. Education, training and learning and development sessions are provided both online and in person and cover an extensive array of topics for healthcare professionals working in end-of-life care and bereavement support. You don’t have to be working in a healthcare profession to access our resources, take a look and see what’s available for you.


Foundation, intermediate & advanced palliative and end-of-life courses.

To help you find the right course we have categorised each into three tiers:

Our Team

The Keech Hospice Learning team are a dedicated group of professionals committed to enhancing the quality of palliative care.

With expertise in diverse fields, including nursing, social work, and therapy, they play a pivotal role in educating and empowering healthcare providers.

Our approach extends beyond traditional care, focusing on holistic approaches, pain management, and emotional support for patients and families. Through workshops, training sessions, and collaborative initiatives, we equip individuals with the knowledge needed to navigate challenging circumstances, fostering a culture of empathy within the healthcare community and beyond.

Clinical student placements

We are able to offer a range of clinical student placements across our specialist care services and host students from a wide variety of disciplines, including pre-registration adult and children’s nursing, paramedic science and social work.

Communities of Practice

Keech Hospice Care has a Community of Practice for Transition and hosts ECHO sessions with a focus on Transition for young people with palliative care needs.

Project Echo aims to create communities of practice using virtual meetings to provide support and learning for those attending. The methodology arose from the work of Dr Sanjeev Arora in New Mexico and has grown into a worldwide movement aimed at improving patient care in underserved areas. The model demonopolises specialist knowledge and expands access to critical care or services.