Swim in our pool

Sometimes swimming in a public pool may be difficult for you and your child. Our amazing hydrotherapy pool is relaxing, fun and supports our specialist care.

What are the benefits of hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy can benefit all patients, particularly children, because the warm water and buoyancy helps stimulate circulation, and makes exercise easier and more effective. It can help with rehabilitation for pain and symptom management, relaxation and relieving muscular pain. The pool also offers a sensory experience with sensory toys, jets and fountains.

How is the pool adapted?

Firstly, the water is kept at a constant temperature of 34°C and the surrounding area at 30°C, making it warm enough to make you feel you are in a bath. The pool also has a hoist, ramps and disabled changing rooms so it is accessible to all. To add to the overall experience, there are gadgets like special sensory lighting, an underwater music system and water fountains to enjoy along with plenty of water aids and toys to splash around with.

Keech volunteer lifeguard

Will my child be safe?

Yes, our qualified lifeguards and poolside assistants are always on hand to make sure of this.

How can we use the pool as a family?

Every now and then, families can have time together to make memories and enjoy a shared experience.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to patients using our other services, and their families.

Is the pool available to the local community?

Yes. We can offer it to local groups and individuals referred by a physiotherapist. As a charity, we make a charge to community groups and individuals for using the facility to cover the running costs.

Our facilities are provided as a priority to our patients. Although we do our best to accommodate groups and individuals that may need access to hydrotherapy facilities, demand very much outweighs capacity, and there is currently a waiting list.

How do we get to use the pool?

You must be registered before you can book to use the hydrotherapy pool. Please fill out a registration form, available by calling 01582 497856.