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Make a donation that will make a real difference

Our Amazon Wish List has been curated by staff from all hospice departments and contains items that will help us the most in delivering outstanding care.

We want to make every moment special for our patients and their families.  Every child and adult who visits our hospices has their own unique needs and the items listed within our Amazon Wish List will help to ensure we’re equipped with toys and games for all abilities and care items for all ages.

We also include items on the list that supporters could buy to help us offset some of our day-to-day costs so that more of our funds can go directly to patient care. We regularly update our Wish List with new items, so check back to see what exciting new items we need.

We understand that people who support us like to Make a Donation that will really make a difference. Using the Wish List is a great way to choose an item that means something to you and to know exactly what your donation will be used for.

You can select for the item to be delivered directly to the hospice itself – just be sure to select ‘gift registry address’.


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Let us know your gift is on the way

Don’t forget to let us know when you have selected an item from our Amazon Wish list. You can add a message which we will receive on the receipt, but if you prefer you can remain anonymous.


From all our patients and their families, thank you very much for your support and generosity!