Meet our care team

You might be wondering who will be taking care of you or your loved one when you come to the hospice.







Senior staff nurse

A qualified nurse with extra training in palliative and end-of-life care.








Lead nurse

A highly qualified professional providing leadership and clinical expertise to the teams in charge of your care.








Senior sister

A senior nurse who provides management and leadership to a team.








Advanced nurse practitioner

Our experienced and senior palliative care specialists offer you many services, such as being able to prescribe medication.








Clinical nurse specialist

A senior and highly trained nurse who is out and about in the community and will support you and your family with symptom control and emotional well-being.







Practice educator

A qualified nurse with extra training in education who works alongside staff offering them training and guidance.








Assistant practitioner

A health care assistant who has been trained to be able to use a wider range of skills, to meet your individual needs.








Health care assistant

You’ll see these team members day-to-day, as they provide you with direct care, such as helping with your personal care and dietary needs, as well as offering you emotional support at the hospice.







Palliative care support worker

Health care assistants who are trained to care for you in your own home, by offering emotional and physical support, they often work alone, but can be supported by a qualified nurse if required.








Our registered practitioner will support you with your mobility, function and, independence and well-being.








Occupational Therapist

Our registered practitioner will support you with your mobility, function and, independence and well-being.








Play specialist

Our trained practitioner can provide your child and you with guidance on play; they will help your child’s development by using sensory experiences, family memory activities and stimulating play, and support your family so that you have quality time together. They can also visit your child at home for play sessions.






Complementary therapist

Our qualified therapists are here to support you by using a range of complementary therapies including aromatherapy, reiki, massage and mindfulness.








Our qualified lifeguards are here to keep you and your child safe if you use our hydrotherapy pool. They are trained to a nationally recognised standard.








The team who maintain exceptional standards of cleanliness throughout the hospice.







Professionals without uniforms

Doctor – Our doctors are registered practitioners with training and experience in palliative care. They will provide assessment, and through a programme of care agreed with you, manage symptoms.

Art therapist – Our qualified therapists offer emotional support at the hospice using art and conversation.

Music therapist – Our qualified therapist is highly skilled in using music to offer a means of expression when it is hard to put feelings into words.

Occupational therapist – Our registered practitioner will support you and your family with independent living, your well-being and your ability to do everyday tasks.

Social worker – Our qualified professionals can help by listening to you and your family, and offer relevant information and advice. They are here to support your family emotionally and practically.

Bereavement support worker – Our supportive care team offers ongoing support to you and your family over the phone and through out-patient appointments, pre- and post- bereavement.