Making sure your event is safe and legal


Fundraising for us should be fun so it makes sense to check you have followed any rules and regulations.

  • You must make sure no-one is fundraising in an unsafe environment. Check your venue is safe and minimise any potential risks. Don’t forget about crowd control.

  • Check you have the right insurance cover, as Keech Hospice Care cannot accept any liability for your event. For further advice, talk to the owners of the venue, an insurance broker or our fundraising team or call them on 01582 707940 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm).

  • Depending on the size and type of event, you may need public liability insurance and a risk assessment. For further advice, talk to an insurance broker or our fundraising team or call them on 01582 707940 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm).

  • Only collect sponsorship or donations from people you know and trust. Ensure children do not collect money or sponsorship without adult supervision.

  • Be extra careful if you’re carrying money around. Make sure you’re always accompanied and pay money in to Keech Hospice Care as soon as possible.

  • Consider first-aid requirements for your event. Your local branch of St John Ambulance or Red Cross can offer advice and assistance.

in aid of logo

  • Please state clearly in all publicity or promotional materials that ‘All proceeds will be donated to Keech Hospice Care. Registered Charity No. 1035089’.

  • Please use the ‘In aid of Keech Hospice Care’ logo.

  • Children under 16 must not be left with overall responsibility for handling money or for counting collected money. Also, under-16s are not generally allowed to carry out house-to-house or street collections.

bands fundraising 

  • Do not collect money or sponsorship in public places, on public streets or by going house to house. These collections are illegal unless you have obtained a licence from the local authority.

  • To collect on private property, such as in a shopping centre, you’ll need the permission of the owners beforehand. They will advise if you need a local authority licence, too, which will mean contacting the relevant local council.

  • If you’re holding an event in a public place and it includes music, singing or dancing, you may need a public entertainments licence, if your venue doesn’t already have one.

  • If you plan to sell alcohol or offer it as a prize, you’ll need a liquor licence. Check to see if your venue already has this licence before applying for it. For more information, contact your local authority licensing unit.

  • If you are under 16 and fundraising for Keech Hospice Care, you’ll need a parent or guardian to complete and sign a consent form.


Raffles are a great way to fundraise! You can add a raffle to lots of fundraising events to boost donations. Be sure that you’re keeping it legal, though – there are rules and guidelines to follow when holding a raffle or lottery at a fundraising event. Check out the Gambling Commission’s advice to make sure you’re keeping in line with the rules.

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