We care for you at home

We don't just care for your child at the hospice - our children's community team can visit you and support you in your own home, too.

We can also be there for your child if they are in hospital or support them at their school – wherever our care is needed the most. Meet our specialist care team.

How can you support us?

There are many ways we care and support you and your family.

  • Emotionally and physically
  • Symptom control
  • End-of-life care
  • Social welfare and support
  • Practical advice and information

The care offered by the community team varies according to each individual family’s needs. This support may include providing practical advice and emotional support for the whole family, symptom management and care at the end of life. The team will also be involved in liaising with other agencies involved in the child’s care, and giving advice and information relating to the child’s condition, their care or social welfare.

I’d like my child to die at home – can you help me?

Yes, of course. Whether you choose to spend those final, special days with your child at the hospice or at home, we can be there and we will support you. Our community care team is on hand, day and night, with 24-hour advice and support. We will continue to support you, your family and friends after death, too.

How do I get this care and support?

Please ask to be referred to us by your health or social care professionals, or you can call us on 01582 497871. Why not download our children’s services leaflet to find out more about our community team?