Plan and promote your event

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Timing Before fixing a date, check it doesn’t clash with something like the World Cup Final or another Keech Hospice Care organised event.

Supporters Who can you get involved? It’s great to fundraise with your friends, family and work colleagues. Maybe your local pub, school, religious establishment or community group would be willing to help, too?

Cost Think about what you might end up spending. Do you need to hire a venue, print posters or tickets, or purchase any licences and insurance policies? If so, will your ticket price or suggested donation cover these? Set a budget and try to borrow items rather than buy everything.

Contingencies If something was to go wrong, what could you do? You may need a back-up plan in the event of bad weather, parking problems or equipment failures.

  • Think about people who may be able to lower your costs – do you know someone with a skill you need for your event – maybe a top baker for a bake sale or a DJ, if you need music?
  • Your employer may be able to help too  – many companies run a “matched giving” scheme, which could double the amount you raise.  Why not ask if your company is part of the scheme?
  •  We can help in so many ways – let us know when, where and how – our fundraising team is here for you, able to answer any questions you might have. Please talk to us about the legalities of events like a raffle.cuppa for keech

To make your fundraiser a success, you need to tell people about it! 

Create posters or flyers – and ask your workplace, pubs, shops, community centres, cafes and other outlets to display them. Tell us about your fundraiser to get your fundraising pack. We can also supply Keech Hospice Care balloons, banners and collection boxes. Our “in aid of Keech Hospice Care” logo and guidelines for it’s use.

Email your contacts to tell them about your event and ask them to forward the details to their friends and family.

If you use social networking sites why not post about your event, including your poster, photos (or even better) a quick short film on your mobile phone to catch people’s attention.  Why not set up an event page on Facebook?

Sometimes we can promote your event on our website and on occasion our social media pages. Send us a message on Twitter or on Facebook.  You can also send some brilliant images and your story to

You need to be realistic about your changes of generating media interest. The key question to ask yourself is: what’s the angle?  If you’re offering something quirky or there’s a strong story behind your fundraising it may be worth pursuing.

When raising money for Keech Hospice Care, it’s important you make this clear on all your publicity materials.

You should state: ‘All proceeds will be donated to Keech Hospice Care. Registered Charity No. 1035089’. Also, please state that the event is ‘In aid of Keech Hospice Care’.

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