Lifelites charity donates innovative technology for children with life-limiting illnesses to Keech Hospice Care

23 March 2023

Lifelites charity donates innovative technology for children with life-limiting illnesses to Keech Hospice Care

On Tuesday 21 March 2023, Keech Hospice Care invited families and staff to sample the new innovative and inclusive equipment donated by Lifelites.

Keech Hospice Care supports children with life-limiting illnesses from Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Milton Keynes, and their families. Keech offers a range of services for the children, including day support, a multi-sensory room, an outdoor playground and so much more.

Liz Searle, CEO at Keech Hospice Care, said “we’re proud to offer a range of services to the children we support and we’re always appreciative for donations and support from other charities and organisations who allow us to continuously develop those services to meet the extensive needs of our children.”

Lifelites is the only charity working with every children’s hospice service across the British Isles to enrich the lives of children and young people with life-limiting conditions and disabilities. Their mission is to empower all children and young people with life-limiting conditions, along with their families, to experience unforgettable moments of connection and joy – something Keech Hospice Care also strives to achieve.

They provide different packages of technology to each hospice, depending on a tailored assessment of their needs. Each package is worth around £52,000 and has a four-year lifespan which includes the cost of the equipment, installation, staff training, technical support and equipment maintenance. Their aim is to return to each hospice every four year with a brand-new package of the latest technology.

Lifelites has been supporting the children at Keech Hospice Care since 2000 and Keech were delighted to welcome the Lifelites team back to the hospice, after their last visit in 2019. The children, family members, and hospice staff enjoyed the interactive session this week to not only familiarise themselves with the new equipment, but to understand how the technology will allow children to engage and interact.

The state-of-the-art equipment includes an Eyegaze bundle which is an invaluable solution for children with limited movement or restricted speech. The bundle includes games, creative and communication apps to help children to communicate and take control for themselves, using just the movement of their eyes. The Music Soundbeam 6 allows children to create music with others and can be used in music therapy sessions with Keech’s music therapist.

Lifelites have recognised that most of Keech’s work is carried out within the community, at family homes or even schools. They have developed a tech trunk, a carrycase on wheels, which allows Keech’s nurses and play specialists to take portable technology out into the community. Another new fantastic development is the PODs: a play tent that inflates in seconds, comes in a handy bag, and can be used within the hospice or in the family home. The sensory tent comes with colourful lights and relaxing music to provide a calm environment.

Rob Lightfoot, CEO at Lifelites, spoke about the continuous partnership with the local hospice.

“We are delighted to continue our partnership with Keech Hospice Care. As the needs of the children and families using their services change and become more complex, Lifelites has responded by providing an extensive package of the latest assistive technology. With over 20 years’ experience, we know that these technologies will empower children and young people with life-limiting conditions to engage and interact with the people they love and enjoy the world they live in. We hope that this support helps them to create many joyful memories.”

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